2018 has certainly been a victorious year. From groundbreaking feats to significant company growth, the past year’s accomplishments were achievable by the dedication of the incredible team that make up Caliber Communications.

It was tough to pick the best, but we’ve nailed down Caliber’s top 2018 highlights. Here they are:

Hamilton's Fast 40

The City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office launched the Hamilton Fast 40 program to encourage local and rapidly growing businesses to apply to the Canadian Business Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Businesses list. Mayor Fred Eisenberger believes that the reason Hamilton is underrepresented in CB Magazine’s list isn’t due to a lack of achievement, but lack of awareness from Hamilton firms. The 2016-2020 Economic Development Action Plan identifies a goal of having 10 Hamilton-based businesses listed on this national honour.
In late November, the 2018 Hamilton Fast 40 was announced, and Caliber was pleased to find themselves on the list, amid some of the city’s most innovative firms!

The Startup 50

With aspirations to rank amongst Canada’s fastest growing companies, Caliber Communications applied to participate in the Startup 50 program. The program ranks businesses founded between July 1, 2012 and early 2015 on two-year revenue growth.

The applicants are from a widespread variety of industries, but share a common passion: the innovative drive to bring new ideas, products, or services to market.

In September, the revenue figures were verified and the results were announced. Caliber was thrilled to be ranked 25th, with an impressive 2-year revenue growth of 688%!

1Awards Hamilton / Halton

In 2012, the FirstOntario Credit Union launched the 1Awards as a way to put the spotlight on local businesses. They are committed to building relationships, and supporting the dreams of local independent business owners. After reviewing pitches from dozens of local businesses, FirstOntario recognizes and rewards the best investment and most community-focused plans with monetary prizes, and in-kind services provided by partners. In May, Caliber Communications was selected to receive this generous award to help in their next level of growth!

Hamilton 40 under 40

Business Link Media Group presents the 40 Under 40 business achievement awards to Hamilton’s finest up and coming leaders. On September 21st, over 200 spectators and 40 Under 40 alumni attended the 6th annual gala. Recognized for his involvement with Essential Aid, and the development and fast growth of Caliber Communications, Alex Vourkoutiotis was among the local entrepreneurs and business professionals receiving the prestigious award.

A Newsworthy Bust!

Early this year, Caliber Communications earned their 15 minutes of fame!
In February, two men robbed the DeSantis Homes’ “On The Ridge” townhouse construction site on Stoney Creek Mountain, taking thousands of dollars worth of tools and materials. Fortunately, the site was being surveilled by Caliber Communication and their live monitoring staff was able to react to the burglary as it occurred.

Initial attempts to deter the robbers included flashing strobe lights and triggering sirens, which were ignored. A subsequent attempt was made via live two-way communication, advising the men that they were under live surveillance and that they should vacate the property otherwise police would be called. The men fled the scene with the stolen property in only a few minutes, leaving the surveillance footage and snapshots as the only key in identifying them. Caliber’s high video quality and snapshots clearly captured the thieves’ facial features, clothing, body language, and specific vehicle details.

CHCH Evening News aired the robbery footage with confidence that someone would recognize the suspects. The vehicle they used to commit the crime had distinct flaws, as specific as a chip in the paint, a purposely disguised license plate and a broken back window. Within 2 weeks, the thieves were identified and charged by police. Hamilton police agree that “if you’re going to invest in surveillance cameras, video quality is important”.

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