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  • Bundle services
    • Live video surveillance
    • Live two way communication
    • VoIP phone and internet
  • No infrastructure limitations – we can be there first
  • Real video analytics
  • Ultra-fast data transmission

Wireless and pre-manufactured units mean no costly installs, wire trenching or digging. Systems are ready when you are. Caliber units are installed and operating live in minutes.

Lightning Fast Connection

Redefining remote monitoring, Caliber delivers video streaming through lightning fast, secure broadband connections. Enhancing our optics with 13 Megabytes/second capabilities, direct access to live streams is at your fingertips.

Guard Replacement

Our Insurance approved technologies are able to perform 24/7 – answering the sharp increase in private security demand, while dramatically lowering the costs. With highly engineered, accurate monitoring technologies, we provide the coverage, reliability,  and versatility that security guards just can’t.

Fire & Theft Detection

Protect your perimeter from fire and theft with highly sensitive, infrared detection systems. Live monitoring empowers our operators with visual and analytical information, in the most critical moments and the most demanding environments.

Cost Effective

Caliber’s competitive pricing offers a savings of up to 40%. Caliber offers higher security, higher flexibility and higher savings. We have set new industry standards with the most cost-effective and efficient technology available.

Fast Installs

With extensive technical knowledge, Caliber is committed to all levels of availability. Timeliness of service is of utmost importance, and we have a demonstrated track record of installing 4 separate pole units in just 2 hours.

Free WiFi

Complementary, on-site WiFi solidifies our mesh of industrial solutions. Caliber is not a security company – We are a communications innovator providing our clients with a comprehensive and complete array of technological solutions.

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