For years, development projects have experienced delays due to stolen building materials, tools, and in extreme cases, furnaces and other large equipment. It isn’t news that construction sites are a steady target for theft, but there are many strategies you can use to deter criminal intent and decrease the possibility of crime.

Secure the site with fencing – Temporary fencing won’t entirely stop thieves from cutting through and entering private property, but it will deter those who are looking for an easy entrance.

Ensure ample lighting – A well-lit site is likely to be avoided by thieves who aim to be in and out without being spotted.

Mark your tools – Engraving or branding company property makes it less desirable to thieves who plan on reselling. Microchipping tools is also a great option, allowing managers to track the whereabouts of tools from their smartphones.

Keep tools safe in a locked storage unit – Have employees routinely check tools in and out, returning them to a locked storage unit at the end of the day.

Despite a plethora of break-in preventatives, scroungers still find a way to accomplish what they’ve intended. Ultimately, the most effective way to keep eyes on a site at all times is hiring a security surveillance company that is capable of providing live monitoring services for deterring crime combined with the ability to produce high resolution video and images when required.

All surveillance agreements should begin with a strategic discussion between the construction site supervisor and the security provider as all sites are unique and require varying forms of coverage to be effective. The positioning of temporary electricity and poles is a very important discussion topic that should be addressed prior to security being installed on site.

Caliber Communications leads the security industry with a variety of unique solutions that are tailored to clients’ security needs and equipped to catch any suspicious activity in the moment, allowing for immediate response.

There are specific products and features that stand out for construction site surveillance:

Mobile Security Unit – To accommodate the nature of construction security, the trailer unit is an ideal solution for short-term surveillance needs. Caliber’s mobile security unit is a trailer-style unit that rolls in practically anywhere, and once deployed, is fully functional within minutes – no existing structure or installation required!

Live monitoring – We have a team of dedicated monitoring staff keep a live watch on everything occurring during monitoring hours, and act on suspicious activity immediately.

Two-way communication – When our monitoring team spots an intruder, they have the ability to communicate with them via two-way speakers, giving them the opportunity to vacate the premises once they’ve been advised that they’re under live video surveillance.

License plate reading system – Caliber’s syncroPlates™ is the world’s first license plate reading system that can be strategically placed at all entrances and exits to keep tabs on people on premises at all times. Not only can this database track suspicious vehicles on multiple sites, it’s also an optimal tool for tracking when staff are arriving and leaving the site.

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