Camera Resolution

5 Megapixel EXIR night vision (FLIR Thermal available)
Competition: 0.9-1.3 Megapixel Standard Infrared

Night Vision Distance

90 Meters Mininimum
Competition: 20-30 Meters

License Plate Reader

8 Megapixel no light high beam mitigating
Competition: Analogue 480tv (non-low light)


5.3 Megapixel Edge Analytical With EXIR Night vision and 36x Zoom
Competition: 1.3 Megapixel stationary with 28x Zoom

Internet Connection

Built in Patented Caliber Coms 13 Megabyte connection built into each pole unit.
Competition: No Connection (requires wired internet from the local site)

Upload Video Quality

2.16 Megapixel’s per Upload Stream
Competition: 0.24 Megapixel’s Per Upload Stream

Site Internet Access

Complementary on-site WiFi
Competition: None

Remote Access to Video

iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Tablet, PC, Mac, Office VMS for multi-location access
Competition: Mobile, PC

Video Quality

5 Megapixel directly to
Mobile Device for Client Access

Competition: 240×120 Low resolution Mobile Platform

2-Way Voice Coms

Competition: One-Way Sirens

Voip Phone Systems

Competition: none

4 Pole Unit Install Time

1-3 Hours depending on configuration of Units
Competition: 1-2 Days depending on configuration of Units

Modular Installations

We use as many cameras as necessary to get full site awareness 
Competition: none

Solar Ready

Our Solar unit consumes far less power than a traditional remote application
Competition: None

Power Consumption

28-36 watts
Competition: 220-260 Watts

Temperature Resistance

-46˚ to 55˚(Active/Remote climate control)
Competition: -22˚ to 50˚ (Louver Vents)