Caliber Communications branches out to Africa alongside iCan Security as their exclusive provider on the continent. iCan Security is a wholly owned affiliate of Caliber Communications, a Live Remote Monitoring Security service provider combining Patented Technologies, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a track record for delivering outstanding results to its clients.

iCan Security’s vision has Africa in the forefront and sees the continent leapfrogging into deploying some of the worlds most sophisticated and tailored security solutions.

iCan Security’s mission will be to introduce Caliber Communication’s world-leading advancements in security standards and technologies to help businesses, homeowners, organizations, banks, government, the mining industry and many more, to protect their assets, but also to, help deter crime plaguing many African countries today.

The introduction of Caliber patented technologies alongside its Artificial Intelligence (AI), alerts and brings forth potential criminal threats and activity on-screen in real time.  This technology coupled with the ability to communicate and engage with the assailant or trespasser over a two-way LIVE communication system has already resulted in a 98% deterrence rate, setting our technology apart from any other CCTV provider in the world. The ultra-high/HD camera resolution can be shared with the client, security company, police or the military within moments.

Alongside iCan Security, Caliber Communications remains committed to invest and continuously share our technological developments throughout Africa.

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